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#Grenzeloos Limburg Challenge 2022

South Limburg and the surrounding border region have hundreds of hills, but we often cycle the famous and/or well-known ones. Until now!
Limburg Cycling and Mycols are now challenging you to participate in the #Grenzeloos Limburg Challenge 2022.
Sixteen hills in and around Zuid-Limburg (max. 10 km from the border) which will be unknown to many, b...

Beautiful climbs in the Western Cape

The country of South Africa known for nature and wildlife, but also for amazing food and coffee bars for cyclist.

Chapman’s Peak Drive. Tabletop Mountain. Sani Pass. These are some of the notable climbs in the South Africa region. However, there are likely some lesser known gems waiting to be discovered.

To find out which of the South Africa...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Best mountains in Girona province

Girona has become one of the coolest cycling destinations in the world. No need to mention all the conditions that Girona has to offer for the best cycling: nice weather all year long, plenty of solitaire roads with very good surface, very close to the Pyrenees with long and steep climbs, and also charming city with fantastic old town and jewish qu...

Brevet de Grimpeur du Ballon d’Alsace

The brevet de grimpeur du Ballon d'Alsace is an original certificate which consists in climbing the three sides of the Ballon d'Alsace by bike in the same day.

This is not an official Jersey of this challenge, please go to the official website for more info.

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Brevet des 7 cols '22

Get on your bike and go on a cycling adventure that will have you climb the seven passes that dominate the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley. Here, no notion of time or speed, only your endurance and self-sacrifice count. As a bonus, the accolade of entering the "Brevet des 7 Cols" club!

This is not the official Brevet, but you can obtain your certifica...

Cinglés du Mont Ventoux '22

"N'est pas fou qui monte au Ventoux, mais est bien fou qui y retourne" ("He who climbs the Ventoux is not crazy, but he who returns is crazy")

What is the Cinglés du Mont Ventoux Club ?

Founded in 1988, they offer a permanent cycling tours. The brotherhood of the Cinglés du Mont Ventoux (literally means the Mont Ventoux crazed) group and show...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Classic climbs of the Dolomites

Breathtaking scenery, challenging terrain, and warm Italian hospitality combine to create a unique cycling experience in the Dolomites. The landscape of the famed Dolomite mountain ranges offers epic riding as you climb the jagged peaks and legendary roads made famous by the Giro d'Italia. Experience the passion of Italian cycling beneath clear blu...

Confrérie des Barons du Soulor Aubisque

To become a member of the Barons du Soulor Aubisque, you will have to climb and descend the 3 sides of the Soulor pass and the 2 sides of the Aubisque pass, from sunrise to sunset.

Departure from Argelès Gazost or Arthez d'Asson or Laruns via the mythical Aubisque pass.

This is not an official Jersey of this challenge, please go to the offi...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Cycle Capital climbs near Amsterdam

Around Amsterdam it is already known that it is flat. The polders around Amsterdam are world famous for this very reason. Yet even within cycling distance from Amsterdam centre, you can find some nice climbs in the dunes. Cycle Capital Cycling Club challenges you to find them, and feel like the new Gerrie Knetemann or Steven Rooks.

Since its lau...

Dutch cobblestones and clinker climbs

A challenge with a twist. Although we do not have the famous cobbled climbs in the Netherlands as in Belgium, there are (if you look a little wider) a number of them which can awaken the feeling a little.
In our search, we also included clinkered roads, paving bricks, paving stones, pavers and decorative stones. This is a selection of several cli...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Famous Belgian Cobblestone Climbs

Omloop het Nieuwsblad, Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne, Nokere Koerse, E3 BinckBank Flanders, Gent Wevelgem, Dwars door Vlaanderen and, as the apotheosis, the Tour of Flanders. These races are known for their hills strewn with cobblestones. Even during the World Championships 2021, the Moskesstraat was visited, to get this Flandrien feeling. It is often the...

Famous climbs of the Tour Down Under

The Santos Tour Down Under has revealed many of Adelaide's best-kept climbing secrets. These climbs regularly put the professionals to the test.

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Fêlés du Grand Colombier '22

You are a cyclist who doesn't move back in front of the large uneven ones...
The terrifying percentages give you wings...
You dream to climb one of the hardest Pass of France...
You like to launch out personnal challenges...
Cycling on roads without cars, with the Mount Blanc Chain for background doesn't displease you...
And all that, on the d...

Fietssport top 10 climbs near Nijmegen

The Rijk van Nijmegen will treat you to un-Dutch views and the toughest climbs outside South Limburg. With the Oude Holleweg as the tastemaker, the toughest hill in the central Netherlands. Time for a top 10 as an homage to this great cycling area.

In the region there are several annual NTFU affiliated tours, such as the Tour of Nijmegen and the...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Finest climbs near Vrouweheide

For Raymond Kerckhoffs, cycling (and especially writing about it) is in his blood. From an early age, the native of Limburg went to watch races, or cycled through the Limburg countryside himself.

For De Telegraaf, he has reported on more than 30 Tour de Frances, five Olympic Games, a World Cup and European Football Championship, dozens of World...

Gotthard-Challenge '22

Although just 106km in length, it should not be underestimated: with almost 40km of climbing, it presents a major challenge.

The first pass to be conquered from Andermatt is the Furka. Racing cyclists complete eleven kilometres to the top of the pass at 2436 metres above sea level. Further on in the canton of Valais, a long descent into the Gomm...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Gran Stelvio '22

The Gran Stelvio is first and foremost a challenge to be enjoyed.

Climb the Stelvio from all three sides in one ride and earn the Gran Stelvio badge. The challenge starts from Prad to Bormio, then over the Umbrail pass to Santa Maria and then back again to Prad.

If you have a digital (strava or gpx) or analog proof like mentioned on the websi...

Grand Fada du Puy Mary '22

The Puy Mary
From the top of the Puy Mary, the largest European volcano and listed as a "Grand Site de France", you have an unspoilt 360°-view of the Cantal and the seven glacier valleys.

This is not the official challenge, please go to more info.

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Grimpeur’s climb quest 2022

Secret, forgotten or unknown, these climbs aren’t the ones you immediately think of when going for a spin trough the hills of Limburg. These are the ones you’ll remember for their unknown beauty, relentless steepness or their surprising discovery. Go hunt them down and earn that Grimpeur jersey!

As mere bicycle riding mortals earning a real pres...

Hard climbs of the Hill Climb Championships

These 10 climbs are all famous because of the British National Hill Climb Championship. This is a hill climbing competition held annually by Cycling Time Trials with the location varying year on year. The first edition was in 1944 and since then it has been won by some of the best all-round British cyclists, such as Brian Robinson, Paul Curran, Mal...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Hardest Climbs around Adelaide

Five big climbs that will bake your legs. None of them were ever in the Tour Down Under, but this is the hard stuff!

Hardest climbs of Belgium

These are the 10 hardest climbs in Belgium according to Cotacol. This is the Belgian 'Bible' about cycling uphill, made by Daniel Gobert and Jean-Pierre Legros in 1989. In it are descriptions of the thousand toughest climbs in Belgium for cyclists. Once you earned this Jersey, you can be really proud.

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Hardest climbs of the Netherlands

In 1987, the Dutch magazine Fiets made a list of 130 climbs in France. They made their own calculation method to compare climbs. This Fiets-Index is still a reference with some cyclists. In 1989 Jan Bijlma made, by popular demand, an overview of the climbs in the Netherlands for Fiets and this top 10 came out of it.

Hidden Gems of Mallorca

Mallorca is a cyclist's paradise with quiet roads, sunshine almost all year round, delicious food, wine and comfortable country hotels where you can get away from it all.
Every cyclist wants to climb Sa Collabra with its winding road, but there are many more beautiful climbs on the island. We have made a challenging selection of both short and lo...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Historical climbs of the Amstel Gold Race

Since the beginning of the Amstel Gold Race in 1966, Limburg has been the battleground for the riders. In the beginning there was only one lap through Limburg, but the organisers started looking for more and more extreme climbs. At this moment the Amstel Gold Race is the race with the most climbs in the professional peloton.

This jersey is a tr...

Historical climbs of the Volta Limburg Classic

The Volta Limburg Classic (until 2011 Hel van het Mergelland) is a one-day cycling race that is held in the Dutch South Limburg Mergelland and the Belgian Voerstreek.

This race is one of the toughest classics in the Dutch cycling world, with tough climbs, fast descents, early dropouts, rain and hail, crashes, narrow victories and talented winner...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Le Défi du Mont Chemin '22

Open to all cyclists over 18 years of age who make 2 ascents of the Col du Lein (1658m) during the day

Les Dingos de Lustin '22

Long and forgotten challenge near Lustin, Belgium. Climb the 6 "walls" that lead to Lustin in one ride. If you did the challenge it in n less than 1h45, you were a Bronze Dingolustin. Silver 1.30, Gold 1.15. To be a Diamond Dingolustin, you will have compleet the climbs under the hour mark.

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Les Fondus de la Croix '22

The Col de la Croix (1778 m) above Villars s/Ollon on the south side and the Diablerets on the north side must be climbed on the same day, between sunrise and sunset. The climbs are done by the three main routes: Aigle - Les Diablerets - La Croix . Ollon - Villars - La Croix. Bex - Villars - La Croix.

Total distance: 140 km

This is not the of...

Monasteries and sanctuaries of Mallorca

There are over many monasteries and sanctuaries on Mallorca, many of which can be found in the rural regions, but also on top of quiet hills and mountains. From most of these sites, you can enjoy not only a glimpse into the religious history of the island, but also some of the most spectacular scenery.

With this Jersey take a pilgrimage through...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Montefusco's best Hills around Barcelona city

Barcelona is an amazing city to cycle. Bike-friendly city, but also plenty of climbs around.

In fact, there are so many interesting climbs that sometimes it is difficult to pick which to choose!

The BHBC jersey shows the best 7 hills around Barcelona. Best ones in terms of views, scarce traffic and also good surface. On top of that, all of th...

Scenic climbs in the Alpes-Maritimes

These beautiful passes were selected by Kong Fufu (Cedrick Dubois). Of course with the more famous climbs like the Col du Braus, but also take a look at the Madone de Fenestre, Col de la Moutière and Mont Vial.
Cedrick is winner of L'Étape du Tour 2019, Mavic Gravel Roc 2019 and Master french champion 2016.

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

SellaRonda '22

Four famous mountain passes of a classic cycling circuit through scenery that genuinely deserves the word ‘dramatic’ as the bulk of the Piz Boè looms above you. None of the climbs is particularly long or very steep and the total amount of climbing is pretty manageable.
These passes were the scene of some of the most famous battles in Italian cycli...

Susten - Grimsel - Furka '22

The route leads racing cyclists first from Andermatt through the Schöllenen to Göschenen and on to Wassen. From there you cycle amidst the imposing mountain scenery through the Meien valley up to the Susten pass. Once you have climbed the pass, you will soon be greeted by the Steingletscher glacier. From Innertkirchen the ascent takes place past th...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Swett Cycles Climb Challenge 2022

Take part in the Swett Cycles Climb Challenge and win a free registration for the SwettRide on July 10th 2022 or a Swett fun package with Swett Triple Blond Beer, a "koersklakske" and the new Swett cycling shirt. (end date July 6th 2022)

The Swett bikes are named after villages and locations on Swett's favourite routes.

- De Plank is the Krin...

Switchbacks in the Dutch Mountains

This is a Jersey with a twist, of course the Netherlands is almost entirely flat. But still, here and there, you can find places where you get the feeling of "swichtback hunting". Here is a selection of curvy climbs that we conveniently call "switchbacks". We know they are not in the purest form, but that does not take away the pleasure of hunting...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

The Italian Job

Mortirolo, Gavia and Stelvio are some of the most famous and most challenging climbs in world cycling and climbing any of them makes for a tough day out. In this challenge you need to do all three in one ride.

Toqués du Col de Portes '22

The Col de Portes (also called Calvaire de Portes) is a mountain pass situated at 1,010 meters of altitude in the Bugey (Jura massif) near the Calvary and the Chartreuse de Portes.

This is the playground for all cycling enthusiasts in the region. His roads are sparse. It is one of the highest and most difficult passes in the region and it is esp...

myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Trittico del Mortirolo '22

As the rules of the 'Trittico' state, the Mortirolo Pass must be tackled on the same day from three sides: from Mazzo, from Grosio, and from Monno.

This challenge was ridden around 2007, but we don't know if it is still organised.

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