Business – myCols Jerseys

NEW ‘Jerseys’ are a fun and engaging way to get users motivated when it comes to exploring your own selection of climbing cols, with great rewards at the end.

Jerseys are the new virtual rewards in the myCols app. It’s an innovative way of making direct contact with your potential target group. Jerseys can be won after climbing specific cols in a defined period of time, like a couple of days, months or even a year. Through your own jersey, you ensure meaningful interactions, new contacts, loyalty and pride. We can even build in ultimate rewards for those who make it to the finish line in the form of real awards. Like a pair of socks or discounts on your products. Jerseys are a unique way of extra motivating users to do what they already love – riding their bikes and enjoying climbing cols – but now with your brand at the center of attention. The jersey and its story will be on top of mind for all cyclists conquering your holy grail!


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