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#Grenzeloos Limburg Challenge 2022

South Limburg and the surrounding border region have hundreds of hills, but we often cycle the famous and/or well-known ones. Until now!
Limburg Cycling and Mycols are now challenging you to participate in the #Grenzeloos Limburg Challenge 2022.
Sixteen hills in and around Zuid-Limburg (max. 10 km from the border) which will be unknown to many, but therefore no less beautiful or challenging.

If you complete the challenge, you will receive the virtual borderless cycling jersey at Mycols as a virtual reward and you will be eligible for a beautiful Limburg cycling package with shirt, racing cap, socks and water bottle!

Zuid-Limburg en de grensregio hebben honderden hellingen, maar we fietsen toch vaak de beroemde en/of bekende hellingen. Tot nu dan!
Limburg Cycling en Mycols dagen je uit voor de #Grenzeloos Limburg Challenge 2022.
Zestien beklimmingen in- en om Zuid-Limburg (max. 10 km van de grens) die voor velen onbekend zullen zijn, maar daarom niet minder mooi of zwaar.

Voltooi jij de challenge dan ontvang je als beloning de virtuele grenzeloze wielertrui bij Mycols en ding je mee naar een prachtig Limburgs wielerpakket met shirt, koerspet, sokken en bidon!

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Best mountains in Girona province

Girona has become one of the coolest cycling destinations in the world. No need to mention all the conditions that Girona has to offer for the best cycling: nice weather all year long, plenty of solitaire roads with very good surface, very close to the Pyrenees with long and steep climbs, and also charming city with fantastic old town and jewish quarter. No wonder Girona is the living place of many professional cyclists and triathletes (list growing but Stuyven, Rohan Dennis, Jan Frodeno are between them).

The list of the best mountains in Girona province is hard to do, as the options are so many. Els Angels seems to be one of the best options, the Sanctuary on top after starting at the same city. Amazing views and solitaire road to enjoy cycling. Rocacorba could not be missed, steep and... steep. Very popular for professionals training there. Mare de Deu del Mont is similar to Rocacorba but nicer, all said, and with another Sanctuary on top visible in the distance, amazing.

Then, a couple of fantastic climbs overlooking the sea: Sant Pere de Rodes with stunning monastry on top, and Sant Grau, a nice climb to a small church from the best road in Catalonia, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Last 2 for Santa Pellaia (it was the former professional cyclist George Hincapie who loved most this climb, being his training field) and the climb to Sant Hilari Sacalm from Angles, the best of its 4 sides to climb this village.

Ready for the challenge?

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myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Cycle Capital climbs near Amsterdam

Around Amsterdam it is already known that it is flat. The polders around Amsterdam are world famous for this very reason. Yet even within cycling distance from Amsterdam centre, you can find some nice climbs in the dunes. Cycle Capital Cycling Club challenges you to find them, and feel like the new Gerrie Knetemann or Steven Rooks.

Since its launch, Cycle Capital Cycling Club has been making a furore in the cycling world. More and more cycling fans from around the world are investing in this club, because it is the first club in the world owned by cycling fans themselves with the ultimate goal of participating in the Tour de France as a club team. The club's unique corporate form, a cooperative, allows you to invest directly in Cycle Capital and buy club shares. This way, you become a co-owner (Sharing Member), get a say and make a return. This way, you help build and decide on the future of this club.

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Dead end climbs of Limburg

Sometimes it is a shame. Climbs that adorn the landscape, but stop dead at the end. Where you are supposed to turn around, while you actually don't want to. Climbing is also descending over a different road than the one you just climbed.

But then again. There are simply climbs that leave you no other choice. Sometimes asphalt turns to gravel or some other unpaved surface. Sometimes roads simply dead end. Often they are beautiful climbs that are willingly or knowingly "forgotten" because they do not fit a certain profile of the rider or bike. Think for example of the Kromhagerweg from Eys, the climb to the Bovenste Bosch via Terziet or the Sleijerweg in Sweikhuizen.

But there is more. Hidden roads on lesser known hills where a mortal on a road bike rarely passes. Yet even these climbs are often asphalted up to a certain height and therefore extremely suitable for the steel horse that normally prefers the beaten track.

Three copies of the book "Heuvel, wat ben je mooi" will be raffled off for the finishers.

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myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Fietssport top 10 climbs near Nijmegen

The Rijk van Nijmegen will treat you to un-Dutch views and the toughest climbs outside South Limburg. With the Oude Holleweg as the tastemaker, the toughest hill in the central Netherlands. Time for a top 10 as an homage to this great cycling area.

In the region there are several annual NTFU affiliated tours, such as the Tour of Nijmegen and the Hundred Thousand Climbs Tour. Of course there is also racing. Nijmegen hosted the Giro d'Italia (2016), for example, and the Boels Ladies Tour (2018) also visited there. Annemiek van Vleuten then rode solo to victory.

We challenge you to visit the area (again) and to cycle our 10 favorite climbs there. The first 100 finishers who are not yet members of the NTFU will be sent our magazine once for free.
Fietssport will also raffle off three real cycling shirt among the finishers, send an email or instant message via Instagram with a screenshot of the digital jersey you have won.

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Grimpeur’s climb quest 2022

Secret, forgotten or unknown, these climbs aren’t the ones you immediately think of when going for a spin trough the hills of Limburg. These are the ones you’ll remember for their unknown beauty, relentless steepness or their surprising discovery. Go hunt them down and earn that Grimpeur jersey!

As mere bicycle riding mortals earning a real prestigious cycling jersey will always stay a dream. Right…? Not if you're asking Grimpeur and MyCols. With the new ‘jerseys’ feature in the MyCols app you can immortalise your achievements and earn a prestigious cycling jersey. Can you find and climb the 10 hills we're looking for? Then the Grimpeur jersey is yours! You’ll get eternal fame, but also a 10%discount code in the Grimpeur webshop and the chance to win a set of unique “Kuutebieter” cycling socks. So get out there and claim that jersey!

How it works
1. Download the MyCols app or upgrade to the latest version and connect to Garmin or Strava.
2. Get on your bike and discover the 10 climbs we've selected for you!
3. Follow on instagram and send us a screenshot of the completed Grimpeur jersey in the MyCols app via Instagram chat.

This promotion ends on june 30th. The 3 winners will be picked from all entries.

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myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Historical climbs of the Amstel Gold Race

Since the beginning of the Amstel Gold Race in 1966, Limburg has been the battleground for the riders. In the beginning there was only one lap through Limburg, but the organisers started looking for more and more extreme climbs. At this moment the Amstel Gold Race is the race with the most climbs in the professional peloton.

This jersey is a tribute to the many climbs that have made the Amstel Gold Race what it is today. In the course of time, the finish has often changed location, so that each time other slopes were decisive. In the beginning the Snijdersberg and Lange Raarberg, and later on of course the Pietersberg and Cauberg.

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Historical climbs of the Volta Limburg Classic

The Volta Limburg Classic (until 2011 Hel van het Mergelland) is a one-day cycling race that is held in the Dutch South Limburg Mergelland and the Belgian Voerstreek.

This race is one of the toughest classics in the Dutch cycling world, with tough climbs, fast descents, early dropouts, rain and hail, crashes, narrow victories and talented winners. The race is described in the south as a "pearl of cycling".

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myCols Jersey

myCols Jersey

Montefusco's best Hills around Barcelona city

Barcelona is an amazing city to cycle. Bike-friendly city, but also plenty of climbs around.

In fact, there are so many interesting climbs that sometimes it is difficult to pick which to choose!

The BHBC jersey shows the best 7 hills around Barcelona. Best ones in terms of views, scarce traffic and also good surface. On top of that, all of them are very close to any point of centric Barcelona, so they are very easy to get.

Not too long, not too steep, not too high, not so hard to get to the top, but mild climbs to enjoy cycling at its best! All year long, even the coldest days in winter these climbs are rideable. Maybe once a year you will see snow at the top of Tibidabo at 500 mts height? Maybe.

Another interesting thing of the climbs included in this jersey is that they can be climbed very easily in just 2 stages (well, just one if you are a die-hard cyclist).

More: all these climbs have been included in the Volta a Catalunya and Vuelta a España stages, but did you know that La Conreria was also included in the Tour de France 2009?

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Swett Cycles Climb Challenge 2022

Take part in the Swett Cycles Climb Challenge and win a free registration for the SwettRide on July 10th 2022 or a Swett fun package with Swett Triple Blond Beer, a "koersklakske" and the new Swett cycling shirt. (end date July 6th 2022)

The Swett bikes are named after villages and locations on Swett's favourite routes.

- De Plank is the Krindael, a wonderful long climb through the Flemish Belgian Voerstreek.
- De Smockelaer is Gieveld, which leads you through hairpin bends from the Flemish Belgian town of Teuven to the Dutch border and Brasserie de Smockelaer.
- Le Patron is the Côte du Trintelen, from Eys to Trintelen. It is invariably the last climb at the end of our routes towards Swett Hometown Heerlen. Here you can show if you still have Grinta and power left and who is Le Patron that day.
- Clermont is the slightly uphill cobbled road in the centre of Clermont in Wallonia, often our furthest point on the route.

About the Swett Ride 2022

In a beautiful, quiet and challenging area we cycle the favourite Swett routes. Start/finish location is on the cosy meadow on estate Terworm in Heerlen. Heerlen is "hometown of Swett Cycles" and the gateway to the South Limburg hills. You will enjoy a "specialty" coffee beforehand and apple pie along the way. Afterwards a delicious BBQ Burger, a Swett special beer and music in the relaxed meadow. We start together at 10:00 and then ride your chosen route at your own pace on a road or gravel bike, with or without a Swett bike. Performance, enjoyment and humour determine the atmosphere on this day. Quietness and conviviality are guaranteed by the maximum number of 500 participants. Smaller events such as the Swettride are full of passion, have a lot of fun and are often organised down to the last detail, Bicycling last wrote, and we are happy to join them.

No Swett No Glory, No Ride No Story!

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myCols Jersey

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