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#Grenzeloos Limburg Challenge 2022

South Limburg and the surrounding border region have hundreds of hills, but we often cycle the famous and/or well-known ones. Until now!
Limburg Cycling and Mycols are now challenging you to participate in the #Grenzeloos Limburg Challenge 2022.
Sixteen hills in and around Zuid-Limburg (max. 10 km from the border) which will be unknown to many, but therefore no less beautiful or challenging.

If you complete the challenge, you will receive the virtual borderless cycling jersey at Mycols as a virtual reward and you will be eligible for a beautiful Limburg cycling package with shirt, racing cap, socks and water bottle!

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Historical climbs of the Amstel Gold Race

Since the beginning of the Amstel Gold Race in 1966, Limburg has been the battleground for the riders. In the beginning there was only one lap through Limburg, but the organisers started looking for more and more extreme climbs. At this moment the Amstel Gold Race is the race with the most climbs in the professional peloton.

This jersey is a tribute to the many climbs that have made the Amstel Gold Race what it is today. In the course of time, the finish has often changed location, so that each time other slopes were decisive. In the beginning the Snijdersberg and Lange Raarberg, and later on of course the Pietersberg and Cauberg.

Small hidden climbs near Amsterdam

Around Amsterdam it is already known that it is flat. The polders around Amsterdam are world famous for this very reason. Yet even within cycling distance from Amsterdam centre, you can find some nice climbs in the dunes. Cycle Capital Cycling Club challenges you to find them, and feel like the new Gerrie Knetemann or Steven Rooks.

At Cycle Capital, they dream of a club that soon will be unmissable in Amsterdam.
A club existing of cyclists of every level with a professional team on top. You can become member of this brand new club and they will offer you all kind of training facilities to help you to become a better cyclist. Check their website for more information.

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Best Hills around Barcelona city

Barcelona is an amazing city to cycle. Bike-friendly city, but also plenty of climbs around.

In fact, there are so many interesting climbs that sometimes it is difficult to pick which to choose!

The BHBC jersey shows the best 7 hills around Barcelona. Best ones in terms of views, scarce traffic and also good surface. On top of that, all of them are very close to any point of centric Barcelona, so they are very easy to get.

Not too long, not too steep, not too high, not so hard to get to the top, but mild climbs to enjoy cycling at its best! All year long, even the coldest days in winter these climbs are rideable. Maybe once a year you will see snow at the top of Tibidabo at 500 mts height? Maybe.

Another interesting thing of the climbs included in this jersey is that they can be climbed very easily in just 2 stages (well, just one if you are a die-hard cyclist).

More: all these climbs have been included in the Volta a Catalunya and Vuelta a España stages, but did you know that La Conreria was also included in the Tour de France 2009?

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Grimpeur’s climb quest 2022

Secret, forgotten or unknown, these climbs aren’t the ones you immediately think of when going for a spin trough the hills of Limburg. These are the ones you’ll remember for their unknown beauty, relentless steepness or their surprising discovery. Go hunt them down and earn that Grimpeur jersey!

As mere bicycle riding mortals earning a real prestigious cycling jersey will always stay a dream. Right…? Not if you’re asking Grimpeur and MyCols. With the new ‘jerseys’ feature in the MyCols app you can immortalise your achievements and earn a prestigious cycling jersey. Can you find and climb the 10 hills we’re looking for? Then the Grimpeur jersey is yours! You’ll get eternal fame, but also a 10%discount code in the Grimpeur webshop and the chance to win a set of unique “Kuutebieter” cycling socks. So get out there and claim that jersey!

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Historical climbs of the Volta Limburg Classic

The Volta Limburg Classic (until 2011 Hel van het Mergelland) is a one-day cycling race that is held in the Dutch South Limburg Mergelland and the Belgian Voerstreek.

This race is one of the toughest classics in the Dutch cycling world, with tough climbs, fast descents, early dropouts, rain and hail, crashes, narrow victories and talented winners. The race is described in the south as a “pearl of cycling”.

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