One Ride Jerseys

Selection of one ride virtual Jerseys you can earn in our app. These are the hardest Jerseys to earn, so be proud of it.

Cinglés du Mont Ventoux

“N’est pas fou qui monte au Ventoux, mais est bien fou qui y retourne” (“He who climbs the Ventoux is not crazy, but he who returns is crazy”)

What is the Cinglés du Mont Ventoux Club ?

Founded in 1988, they offer a permanent cycling tours. The brotherhood of the Cinglés du Mont Ventoux (literally means the Mont Ventoux crazed) group and showcase all of the cyclists that took part, accomplished and validated their performance of one of the cycling tours.

To earn this Jersey you must climb all the 3 sides of the Mont Ventoux in one single ride.

Gran Stelvio

The Gran Stelvio is first and foremost a challenge to be enjoyed.

Climb the Stelvio from all three sides in one ride and earn the Gran Stelvio badge. The challenge starts from Prad to Bormio, then over the Umbrail pass to Santa Maria and then back again to Prad.

The Italian Job

Mortirolo, Gavia and Stelvio are some of the most famous and most challenging climbs in world cycling and climbing any of them makes for a tough day out. In this challenge you need to do all three in one ride.

Confrérie des Barons du Soulor Aubisque

To become a member of the Barons du Soulor Aubisque, you will have to climb and descend the 3 sides of the Soulor pass and the 2 sides of the Aubisque pass, from sunrise to sunset.

Brevet de Grimpeur du Ballon d’Alsace

The brevet de grimpeur du Ballon d’Alsace is an original certificate which consists in climbing the three sides of the Ballon d’Alsace by bike in the same day.


Four famous mountain passes of a classic cycling circuit through scenery that genuinely deserves the word ‘dramatic’ as the bulk of the Piz Boè looms above you. None of the climbs is particularly long or very steep and the total amount of climbing is pretty manageable.
These passes were the scene of some of the most famous battles in Italian cycling and at the Passo Pordoi there’s a monument to Fausto Coppi and another that commemorates the winners of the Cima Coppi (the first person over the highest point in each Giro d’Italia). These climbs are very popular ride with cyclists, but also with car drivers and motorcyclists. So it gets pretty busy.

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